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[an underground video game developer invites you to test their newest title in an obscure arcade;

playtesting doesn't go as planned, requiring immediate measures to be taken]

The game features short sequences of interactive media that parody various video game genres, strongly revolving around existential and sexual themes.

[Available at itch.io for $1.99]


[recover the world form it's thoughless wasteland;

let your mind blossom]

A wasteland that serves as a mind palace in which roses portray your thoughts.

It was designed as an antithesis to the previous game, kamigoroshi, where you destroyed concepts.

[Available at itch.io for free]


[inexplicable anger fuels you towards the demolition of concepts and structures of attained society;

traverse metaphysical planes in order to annihilate any possibility of human civilization]

It's a "walking simulator of a shmup" in which you walk past bullet patterns to annihilate world by eradication of known concepts portrayed as basic shapes.

[Available at itch.io for free]


[you regain consciousness on what looks like a space ship;

maintain your psyche and body

Highly experimental game that embodies the pointlessness of life stripped down to the basic needs of a human.

It's aesthetics were inspired by the PS1/Dreamcast era ADV games.

[Available at itch.io for free]

ゴミ屋敷【ごみやしき】noun; 1. trash house, house overflowing with garbage from hoarding